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The self-service anti-griefing plugin for Minecraft servers since 2011

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Stop responding to grief and prevent it instead. GriefPrevention stops grief before it starts automatically without any effort from administrators, and with very little (self service) effort from players.

Watch this video to learn more how GriefPrevention works in-game.

GriefPrevention Youtube Tutorial

Supported Platforms: Spigot, Paper, Purpur, and any other server implementing the Bukkit API.

GriefPrevention is targeted to support the latest available version of these platforms. Older versions of GriefPrevention can be found on BukkitDev. Note that these older versions are not supported.


Issue Tracker - Got a problem or bug you can reliably reproduce? Report it on the issue tracker.

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GitHub Discussions - New ideas, feature requests, or other general discussions.

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Addons provide additional features to GriefPrevention. Some of these addons are listed in GitHub Discussions

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